Tuesday, January 5, 2010

8 months away...

i can't believe it !!?? my blog is still working after 8 months of being so busy and guess what i am pregnant again ...computing it with the days i was about to get pregnant before i stop visiting my blog...so fast forward to NOW....Jan 2010..new decade new year!!!

i am 7 months pregnant and having a boy and my due date is on the 22nd of feb. been busy Maddy is already 1 yr old and Izzy is going to be 6 in few weeks time....time really fly with speed . So many things happenned but they are all good I found a new pinay friend again which happens to be Rob's friend first . Rizza my good friend had her lil boy Isaac last october and my next door neighbour had a boy as well, finally TJ will have heaps of playmates soon..

ah i miss blogging !!!! just love it i can express myself the way i want it , thou i know i am going ot be so busy soon hope i find time to sit and type ....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

wish i am back

in blogging .. i missed it but this means i need to sleep 4 hrs late than the usual, badluck its Maddy's time to wake up ...and i still have iroining, washing and dishes to do not to mention the cleaning , besides no one read my blog but myself hehehe ... so its maddy's 5th month tomorrow and she is such a big girl with so many mixed characteristics that we saw, which Rob says its him and sometimes mine. She is 8kgs at 4months so its weighing time again tomorrow i just weigh her in the chemist . About my big school girl , oh she is a darling she loves school and can read now and make me a card for mother's day with a note she write by herself ( dear mum, happy mother's day love, izzy) cant believe it in 2 weeks time she is really learning. Not to mention that she got a certificate on her 3rd day of school for being the most competitive student in the class. I just love the time with Maddy when she is in school and i can watch Oprah 5 days in a week yeheey!!!
I am in the cheapstakes group online and loving it, tomorrow i am going to buy the ingredients on how to make my own laundry soap ...how good is that , hope it will be successful but i will hide it to Rob as long as i can i bet he wouldnt like it if i got a bad result. We have so many inputs on saving tips and have target every month on how to save, so this month we have the cash basis only and no spending on things aside form food and other essentials, i was good for the last 9 days and give in to a magazine that cost me $6 which is not on my list, Rob says thats my gift to myself this mothers day...so tomorrow is my shopping day I already have my list for the next week of food and luchboxes and Rob is on holiday until the end of the month so i wish myself luck..

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

some more pictures

one morning when she wants to sleep in her bouncer ... my lil angel ...
The following morning after my delivery....izzy was so happy to see her lil sissy.

Few hrs after the delivery...parang buntis pa din...tired but happy and so relieved

Rob was tired as much as i am .... and Madison too... we all need a handful of rest .. i was just touch with this picture.

Madison was 3hrs old..Rob was so amazed ..she really looks like him...aside from the nose

this was the room where i push all the effort for a 8.1lbs and 50 cm baby... i was culture shocked because i didn't expect such treatment and facilities around me costing nothing...( ah i remember how much i spent on my CS in PI) big spa bath if i want a water birth , a small dining area, double size bed, the balcony, internet connection, laptop, tv, ref, everything.... but havent use all the facilities ...siyeet sakit pala manganak ng normal..waaaaa...anyways all the pix here were taken before and when madison was a day old.

Friday, January 9, 2009


yeah..almost 2 months i neglected one of the things i love to do... blogging ... and no assurance that i can update again with my busy life now,that my lil madie is here already...ah..life is really great Madison Louisa is healthy and such a lovely baby...lovely indeed that she can cry for an hr or more non- stop ha! well she got all the reason to do so because of our breastfeeding issue, after we have been through all breatfeeding dramas ( we are still into it actually) there is only one question to win the dramas ...are u willing to continue??? seeing ur bub crying all the time while re-educating her to get rid of teats and concentrate on mum's nipple alone ... despite of my husband 's plea to stop pursuing it i am giving myself 2 more weeks ...if it didnt work okay ill give up breastfeeding and have a formula feed baby instead...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

3 weeks to go

i can't believe it that i am almost in my pregnancy fnishing line... my lil bub is really an active one, she became breech the next week and in position after, so my OB cannot decide if i have to have a C-section or normal delivery which i opted to in my birth plan. Well, Rob and I decided to wait because it is the best for both of us ( its all that matters anyway) . So what a heavy pregnant SAHM doing lately... complaining .... the lack of energy , not enough sleep , house is always in MESSY state etc..etc. not to mention i am running out of patience with IZZY sometimes plus the bonus of Springtime with a hayfever the whole day...well, i am in a lucky country as my husband says coz i can still eat my fave food everytime i want it... and that is BACON ...call it cheap but i do love bacon with rice, bread or anything but in moderation now since its not good for me .. i started to swell i have no ankle anymore and face started to ballon.. the joy that pregnancy have ... i have it now... plus all those eyes telling me '' will i poop out soon or is my due date today? ... i wish ... but since 4-5% of women had given birth in their actual due date i might then enjoy setback and relax for the next 3 weeks ... besides i love the pampering Rob is doing to me right now which he is reminding me ''while your pregnant only" shhhh i should have to take advantage...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

6 weeks

i am really feeling the weight of my bub... i am having hard time walking, sleeping, sitting everything .. i gain 10 kgs already. I am going to packed my bag to hospital this week and recheck things i need to do to get ready for my big day...i even did some spring rolls and put them in the freezer for Rob and Izzy in case they got no food while im in hospital. Speaking of Izzy she is acting differently , like she wanted to feel that she is a baby.. she even used her dolls dummy and do some baby talk before going to bed the other night. She even got all her baby pix and showed it to me to remind me that she was a baby before. I hope jelousy will not be a big issue in our household, she is a bit older then and hope she will be more of an ''ate" than a baby... Rob even telling her that if Mum is busy with the baby she can always have Dad if she needs something. So she said Dad will take care of me and Mum will take care of baby sister... I remember one of my friends said that she cried when she saw her lil sister in the hospital and their age gap 13 yrs... she was just so jelous she said. Maybe thats what happens in small family but since i came from a big one i never felt jelousy but anger coz we are so many, i even wanted to faked my father's signature just to have my Mother have ligation just like one of my cousin did to her mother.